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Happy Creators

As someone who's always admired art but never felt skilled enough, the uPaint canvas by numbers kit was a game-changer!

Sara K.

Giving my partner a customized uPaint kit as a birthday gift was the best decision ever. Seeing her smile as she painted our favorite memory was priceless!

Jad A.

I never considered myself artistic until I tried the uPaint paint by numbers kit. Now, I'm hooked!

Karine S.

It's like meditation with a paintbrush, so relaxing and rewarding. The perfect way to unwind after a long day, it's a therapy

Patricia G.

In-House Crafted Premium Quality Components

We take pride in crafting every uPaint component in-house, right in our workshop.

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100% Cotton Canvas

Our premium 330 GSM matte cotton canvas, with exceptional strength and durability, offers rich color saturation, smooth application, and optimal paint adhesion, enhancing the artistic experience.

Premium Acrylic Paint Set

GREENGUARD Gold certified, 100% acrylic waterborne paint is odor-free and emission-free, offering a luxurious silky finish, superior washability, while improving indoor air quality and being recommended by mothers and painters.

Versatile Professional Brushes

Three premium, ergonomically designed brushes in various sizes, perfect for both intricate details and broad strokes, ensuring a comfortable and seamless painting experience.

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Start Creating Stunning Artwork in No Time

Start Creating Stunning Artwork in No Time

Unlock Your Inner Artist with uPaint Paint by Numbers Kit

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Tatiana K.

Enjoyable Memories with uPaint

"I recently got a 150x100 cm customized paint-by-numbers kit from uPaint, and it was a delightful experience! As a lawyer with no painting background, I found the detailed kit challenging but very enjoyable. Now displayed on my wall, this artwork reminds me of a beautiful memory, that I captured forever. I highly recommend it for beginners and art enthusiasts!"

Christine A.

Delightful and Bonding Activity

"Working on my painting from uPaint paint by numbers was an absolute delight! The time spent with their kits was not only incredibly enjoyable but also surprisingly bonding. My partner and I loved diving into the activity together. uPaint's kits truly made art accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Can't wait to order our next kit and create more memories together!"

Jessica D.

Relaxing and Therapeutic Experience

"I got the roses design from the ready to paint collection of uPaint. It was the most relaxing and therapeutic offline activity I have ever done. I enjoyed every part of it. The quality of the canvas and paint was perfect. I lost track of time while painting and felt incredibly relaxed."

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