The Monalisa by Leonardo Da Vinci - Paint By Numbers Kit

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Size: 50 x 35 cm
Additional Gift Wrap: Without Gift Wrap
Additional Frame: Without Frame

Kit Level: Intermediate

Your Step-by-Step Guide

1- Choose your canvas size

All of our ready to paint kits are meticulously designed to look stunning in every size. Here's a tip: larger sizes are easier to paint and make a more impressive statement on your walls.


50 x 35 cm

This compact canvas makes a charming addition to smaller spaces.

Small - Medium

60 x 40 cm

Slightly larger, this size provides a bit more room to work with and larger painting regions.


70 x 50 cm

A versatile choice, suitable for a variety of subjects. Its balanced size fits perfectly on any wall.


90 x 60 cm

This large canvas is ideal for those looking to create a more detailed and visually impactful piece.

Extra Large

120 x 80 cm

An Extra large size that offers plenty of space to bring out the finer details and create a striking centerpiece.


150 x 100 cm

The largest canvas paint by numbers kit in the world! Ideal for creating a bold statement piece that can dominate a room and showcase your artistic skills.

2- Select your desired options

Whether you want your canvas rolled without a frame, wish to add a DIY framing kit to frame it later, or prefer it pre-framed, uPaint has you covered with all the options.

Without Frame

This provides a budget-friendly option, allowing you to avoid paying for the frame if you don't require one. The canvas includes a 4 cm border, giving you the flexibility to add a frame later if you change your mind.

With DIY Framing Kit

A DIY framing kit (Wooden Frame, Stapler, Hanger and Screws) is included. This ensures you have all the tools needed to assemble the frame once you finish your painting.

With Pre-attached Frame

The canvas comes with a wooden frame that is pre-attached, allowing you to skip the framing process and enjoy a beautifully framed artwork as soon as you finish painting.

3- Add gift wrap if desired

uPaint is the most creative and meaningful gift idea for any occasion or event. If you're buying a uPaint kit as a gift, be sure to add our special high-quality gift wrap to make your gift even more special for your loved ones.

4- Paint like an artist

With uPaint, there's no need to worry about having prior painting skills. Our Paint by Numbers kits are designed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of expertise. Simply match the numbers to the corresponding paint cups, and watch as your artwork takes shape before your eyes.

5- Share your masterpiece

It's time to display your masterpiece! Whether you frame it, hang it on the wall, or give it as a gift, your uPaint Painting by Numbers creation is sure to impress. Show off your masterpiece to your friends and family! Share your finished painting on social media and be sure to tag us. We love seeing your creativity in action! Plus, if you have any feedback or comments, we'd love to hear from you. Leave us a review and let us know how we can make your painting experience even better!

In-House Manufacturing: Discover Our Premium Quality Components

Elevate Your Artistic Journey with In-House Crafted Premium Quality Components

Elevate Your Artistic Journey with In-House Crafted Premium Quality Components

We take pride in designing and crafting every element in-house, right in our workshop

Tips and Tricks

General Instructions

General Instructions

New to painting by numbers? Get started with our easy to follow instructions and create your first masterpiece in no time!

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No Art Skills Required

Perfect Gift Idea

Relaxing & Joyful Activity

Amazing End Result

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