Innovation Meets Creativity: Welcome to uPaint

Welcome to uPaint, where innovation meets creativity in the vibrant world of paint by numbers. We're not just a team; we're a passionate collective driven by our love for colors, art, and cutting-edge technology. Our journey began with a vision to revolutionize the art industry, making painting accessible to all.


Happy Customers.


Passionate Team.


Organic Followers.

At uPaint, we're driven by a passion for colors, art, and innovation. Our goal: revolutionize art, making it accessible to all!

Mohamad A., CEO of uPaint

We've always strived to create high-quality products for our customers, enriching their world with meaningful gifts, therapeutic items, and bringing colors into their lives!

Bahaa M., CTO of uPaint

The Heart of our Mission: Introducing uPaint Software

At the heart of our mission lies the uPaint software, a groundbreaking tool that harnesses the power of machine learning and computer vision to transform any image into numbered regions. Each number corresponds to a specific color from our extensive palette, meticulously crafted to ensure stunning results.



Art made easy.

Crafting Exceptional Experiences: The uPaint Canvas by Numbers Kit

From this vision emerged our first product, the uPaint Canvas by Numbers Kit. This all-inclusive kit features a numbered canvas, acrylic paint cups, and brushes, offering an effortless painting experience for enthusiasts of all ages. What sets uPaint apart is the high quality of its components, rapid design, manufacturing, and delivery processes, and, most importantly, the exceptional quality of the end results, characterized by vivid colors, precise facial features, and seamless color transitions.

In-House Crafted Premium Quality Components

We take pride in crafting every uPaint component in-house, right in our workshop.

Growing Together: Building Community with uPaint

As word spread, our community grew, with customers worldwide embracing uPaint as a tool for self-expression, therapy, and gifting. But our journey didn't stop there. Inspired by the love and support of our growing uPaint family, we expanded our offerings to cater to diverse needs and preferences. From parents seeking to edutain their kids to corporates elevating their events, uPaint became synonymous with quality, innovation, and unparalleled end results.

Introducing Murals by Numbers

Driven by our commitment to continuous improvement, we're constantly evolving and innovating. Building upon our exceptional software, we're proud to introduce our latest breakthrough: Murals by Numbers. This patented concept empowers individuals to paint any picture on any surface, revolutionizing not only the art industry but also home décor and interior design.

Behind the Scenes: The Dedicated Team at uPaint

Behind every product and innovation is a dedicated team with a wealth of experience spanning colors, art, technology, customer support, and product development. We're honored to have you as part of the uPaint family, and we're excited to continue our journey together, bringing colors to people's lives one stroke at a time.

Mohamad A., Co-founder

Passionate, creative, and opportunistic Engineer experienced in research and development

Bahaa Eddine M., Co-founder

Decisive, resilient, and results-driven Engineer experienced in Software Development

Nour K., Head of Design

Imaginative, Detail-oriented, and innovative Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Abdo A., Board Member

Strategic, resourceful, and visionary Technologist with extensive experience in Silicon Valley